This service allows to create media attestations, basically auto verifiable proofs timestamped in the bitcoin blockchain.
An IOS apps is coming soon, probably branded "Testify".

We thanks the following individuals and companies that contributed directly or indirectlty to the coding of this project (no specific order and list is still not completed):

Wayne Vaughan for his Chainpoint library. Allowing to anchor proofs in the bitcoin blockchain. But also Jacob Henderson and Jason Bukowski from Tierion for their technical support.
Nami Zheng lead coder of the IOS apps.
Teng Yaobin for his technical assistance on IOS version.
Thomas Wilkerling for his spotlight javascript library. Allowing to zoom images proofs.
Gildas Lormeau for his ZIP.js library allowing to create and read "zipo" files.
Kevin Chappell for his Form builder library allowing to create a proof of form type.
Alexandre Bodelot for his Json viewer library allowing to show json certs.
Homero Alejandro Gonzalez for his English proof reading assistance.
Onildo Aguiar for his image-thumbnail library allowing to display thumbnails.